On July 21, 2010 all the minority students of Assam attacked the office of the administrator of the Barpat district. It subsequently turned violent and the government compensated 132 people for causing some casualties. Later, on the basis of an RTI and Guwahati High Court order, the government publicly disclosed that out of the 132 people who were offered compensation, only the names of 42 people or their guardians were on the voter list. From this, it is clear that 90 of those who attacked the DC office that day were foreigners. The most recent in historical background

Countries, Ages , politics and refugees. Yes refugees. Refugees who have no country. Meaning there was a country of their own, but they were killed only because they were Hindus, they were Sikhs, they were Buddhists, they were Jains, they were Christians; That is, they are all non-Muslims. They have come to India in search of safe shelter, the urge to save lives, the dignity of their wives and children. There, in the Colony, Refugee Camp, he has been searching for his identity for seventy years. Went to the detention camps in tears. All those from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are given due respect by passing the CAB. But …

Jihadist terrorism began after the CAB was passed in both Houses of Parliament with due debate and proper procedures .lt had been fomented in the states of northeastern India and places of residences of some of the special religious people of West Bengal . In some states of northeastern India, there are various types of foreign drunk terrorist organizations, which are blaming the Bengali and non local language speaking Hindus for causing extreme hatred and attacks on Hindus through linguistic hatred and supremacy . And with it is destroying India, that is, government property. Though in North East through the timely army deployments ,the administration have taken a hard role in controlling the situation there.

This time our focus are on West Bengal. West Bengal is the only Bengali Hindu homeland to dream of Shyamaprasad Mukhopadhyay. Demographic change has started here over the past several years. From this time, West Bengal has witnessed many riots from Kaliachak to Basirhat.

Let us say the CAB is but no longer a bill, the CAB is now a law which has been signed by the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and President in the form of gazette constitutionally and democratically approved, which is the duty of every citizen of the country to observe.

Chief Minister Of WB said on Friday that citizenship law would not be allowed to take effect in the state. Meanwhile, reports of unrest were coming from different parts of the state of West Bengal.

Yesterday, widespread terrorism started in the areas of Uluberia, Basirhat, Amadanga, Murshidabad, Beldanga, from noon. A group of people from Uluberia intercept the rail. Shortly afterwards they became violent. Brick, stone-throwing began with the Coromondal Express standing. The railway office was also attacked. There were also reports that some were injured. The Kandari Express was stuck at Uluberia station. There are also several express and local trains at various stations faced similar fate .In all, the train movement from Howrah to Kharagpur was disrupted by the South Eastern Railway.

A group of protesters started protesting at Narendra Mor area of ​​Nimdighi on Friday afternoon. They set fire to the tire on the national highway and started burning of effigy .

The pictures of Garuhata, Parijat area were almost the same. In those areas, unrest also started. The situation also tensed considerably at Bagnan . At The library mor the torching of tire took place to block the roads . As a result, the National Highway 6 was blocked. Common people was in danger of being besieged for more than two hours. They were bothered & harassed as they were unable to reach the destination on time. Uluberia station quarters also become heated. A group of terrorists threw stones at the train. The driver of the train sustained serious injuries. Train Coaches are completely destroyed and ransacked .In the face of terror, passengers became helpless. At Uluberia station agitators sits atop the railway station and lines and disabled the rail system. Several local and express trains were stuck up there.

The situation was also out of control at Baldanga in Murshidabad. Police also informed that the police station was under attack. RPF workers were brutally beaten when they tried to stop the agitators who tried to ransack railway station ,several of them were seriously injured. That means those people caught on camera who attacked the administration directly are a punishable criminal under Indian Penal Code. Besides beating the helpless cabinmen, those who vandalized the station and caught fire, would not they be punished? As an editorial documented evidence of various press organisation like ABP Anand, Channel 18 has channels and other CCTV footages are available.

Along with Uluberia, Murshidabad, Basuldanga Rail Station at the Diamond Harbor Line and the Baruipur-Diamond Harbor Lines several trains are stopped by the rabid masses of specific community .

Floods of turmoil have swept across the North 24 Parganas and Nadiya. The Kalyani Expressway and the Ruia bus stand did not escape from the turmoil. The traffic was disrupted badly.

Kolkata also saw the horror and might of those crazy criminal people of certain section . On Friday afternoon, the formula was implemented right after Friday Namaz to invalidate the capital city of WB by creating a rioting to block strategic points like the Wellington Square and the Seven Points at Park Circus.

From the above, it is clear that the main purpose of these movements was to pressure the government to withdraw its actions by intimidating. Through these measures, they have identified themselves as illegal intruders. Clearly some false media and some ideological leaders continue to support the miscreants. They do not know that they stand fully exposed to the common public of the state.

However, it should also be remembered that the law can not be stopped by creating an atmosphere of terror by threatening rioters.

This time, where the Muslims have been told from the central govt that there will be no problem for this CAB why this kind of sudden violent protests? Why some political parties oppose the CAB when it has been passed democratically ??Why is government property vandalized? Are those who are doing all these nonsense not citizens of India then? Are they illegal intruders from Pakistan and Bangladesh? Administration Do you see these protesters? The faces of those whose photos appear in front of the camera, looking at their clothing – will they be punished by identifying them under their mask of fake protest ???

Those who are acting unconstitutional in political and religious provocation are nothing but criminals in the eyes of the law.

Today’s incident in West Bengal is a shameful incident, because of the political opposition, some have been acting against the law by inciting the criminal mindset. Some political leaders are successful today because the community that has a terrorist image in the eyes of the world is established more strongly. On the other hand, the leaders who remained behind the scenes,they are the real craftsmen of this anarchy.

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