Conspiracy to suppress the Hindu voice of Bangladesh and malign RSS with baseless allegations

Durga Pujo in Bangladesh came to a abrupt and violent end on 13th October, 2021 (Wednesday) when Islamist mob ravaged the Durga Mandaps, desecrating Moortis and creating chaos by instilling fear among the minority Hindus.

It all started when some miscreants planted a copy of the Quran at the feet of Lord Hanuman in the Durga Mandap at Nanua Digir Par, Comilla.

After examination of CCTV footage, Bangladesh police have identified and arrested a man Iqbal Hossain who deliberately kept the Quran that triggered the anti-Hindu progrom across Bangladesh leaving people dead, raped, injured, and hundreds of Hindu Mandirs, homes, shops vandalized.

Leaders of TMC, the ruling political party of West Bengal who sit at the altar of secularism and preach India for not protecting its minorities remained quiet over the attacks on minority Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh and went on to accuse RSS and Advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik as the the mastermind behind the violence. (Khabar365din the mouthpiece of TMC claimed that the anti-Hindu progrom was masterminded by RSS and Advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik.)

However, with Iqbal confirmed as the perpetrator it is clear that the conspiracy was hatched by the Islamists and the accusations against RSS and Advocate Pramanik are:
and, Childish.

Make no mistake, the minority Hindus of Bangladesh are facing a full blown genocide but TMC the political party which celebrated its victory in Assembly polls with the blood of Hindus will never ever dare to speak against the Islamists, but will leave no stone unturned to suppress and silence the Hindu voice of Bangladesh and malign RSS with baseless allegations.

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