People other than Hindus are also legal heir of God Ram : Samsur Rahaman

With bhumipujan Ram temple at Ayodhya the Hindus believe that it is a great victory for them, the muslims feel that it is a great disgrace for them. But it is neither a victory or loss for a particular people of religion, it is a glorious achievement of all Indians. The Supreme Court, in a historic judgement had brushed aside the long standing dispute between two sects in November, 2019 by easing tension, rivalry and air of disbelief of both hindus and muslims. God Ram is not a wholesome exclusive deity of the Indian Hindus alone, but people other than hindus are also legal heir of that legacy by way of head and heart, literature, children rhymes, mystery, tv serials, text book topic, films, art, craft, livelihood, paintings (poter chabi o gaan), design in fabric, kantha stich, handlooms (both Bengalee and Kashmiri, varanasi) etc. Some fear with the Construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya it has nothing to do with Indian muslims and their daily rituals, like namaz comes to a halt as rumours spread this times like before Parliamentary Election 2014, that the doors of mosques would be shut down if Modi comes to power. The Lord Ram is a symbol of swabhiman, cultural heritage, and national pride. People irrespective of caste, creed and religion will be a part of that legacy, or Rastriya ashmita. Ram is a soul of India. The largest muslim country in the world is Indonesia. Though they all are Muslim by religious faith, but in cultural heritage they follow the traditional heritage of Ram. It is not an impediment to the way of faith but a symbol of progress and swabhiman. So, that’s why the Indian muslims should come forward to the making of Ramrajya, for Ram is also heritage to them they lived here for 5 hundred or 7 hundred through generations, their forefathers lived here, died here, and mixed themselves to the Indian soil as their motherland. The columnist would be happy enough to see if muslims join hands to the making of Ram Temple, a greater India, larger India, hindus and muslims amicably as their forefathers did. If Aurangzeb could come forward to the making of Tarkeswsar Temple by donating the land, why not we the present Indian muslims do to make a united India, the Bird’s dream could be realised truly, মোরা একই বৃন্তে দুইটি কুসুম / হিন্দু -মুসলমান।

Samsur Rahaman

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