Live at Ritam: The new education policy: an analysis – 07/08/2020 – 6.00 PM

Live at Ritam : National Webinar
Organised by: Samhati Foundation

Topic: The new education policy: an analysis

Date- 07/08/2020
Time- 6.00 PM


Dr. Rajagopal Dhar Chakroborty
former Registrar, University of Calcutta and former Director, IISWBM

Dr. Swarup Prasad Ghosh
Director, MAKAIAS

Dr. Smritikumar Sarkar
former Vice Chancellor, University of Burdwan

Prof. Bimal Shankar Nanda
Associate Professor, Charuchandra College

Sanjoy Som
Director, Samhati Foundation

Join us live at Ritam

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