Lockdown made us more self-dependent : Shri Mohan’ji Bhagwat

We listened to another inspiring & insightful speech of Pujaniya Shri Mohan’ji Bhagwat wherein he elaborated that Bhartiya Samaj needs to recast itself with respect to the pandemic & with respect to Corona Virus infection. Sarsanghchalak said the disease is new to mankind, we’re yet in search of a proper remedy to it. We’d be able to tackle it as we get to know more about the disease. He emphasized upon adoption of our traditional wisdom & practices in the light of present day provisions & modern science. Sarsanghchalak spoke of linking the two for optimum benefit of all sections of the society.

Environment is something which we’re rooted to. Lockdown rejuvenated the environment & we’ll have to try to maintain it clean even after we get back to normal life & lockdown ends. Water bodies, plants has to be taken care of, said Mohan Bhagwat.

Some acts we used to do in our normal lives & not being able to continue with during lockdown. Our life is going fine without those acts & we are able to continue without them. Such acts are not really necessary for us & we may stay away from those even after lockdown, just to relieve the environment from some of her pollution-burden.

Lockdown made us more self-dependent & we need to carry on with this trend. As we stayed home, home too felt good about it. Sarsanghchalak stressed upon positive thinking & collective living along with maintenance of social distancing. He emphasized on India’s being truly self-sufficient in different fields of operations & industries. He spoke Government & Administration would have to find out how to arrange for employment & livelihood of all post-lockdown. He imparted a very important lesson that to facilitate India being self-sufficient from all angles, Indians would have to co-operate by using indigenous goods. To do that, we may even need to curb our necessities to some extent. We may use those things which are available indigenously & may need to curtail using stuff which aren’t yet produced & available inside the country. This is in order to be optimally self-reliant & to promote Indian industries.

He instructed all of the Sangh Parivar that as we go to help others during the pandemic, we ourselves must follow all those rules which we are asking people to follow. Serving people must be done with humility, remaining grounded, not to carry out self-propaganda. 130 crores of Indians are our own people & we must do as much as we can for all of them. Mohan’ji Bhagwat pointed out that India sent Medicine to other countries too. It is our practice to help all. We will continue to do that. He said serving people shouldn’t make us feel tired. We shouldn’t ponder on how long must we have to continue with it. We should continue serving people in need with patience remaining calm as long as it is required.

Sarsanghchalak emphasized on how educational institutions can start operating & imparting education in spite of maintaining social distancing. He talked about promises of e classes for students. People, now, must learn how to go to different places, say market, maintaining social distancing. We should practice such behaviour to protect ourselves from this disease, said Shri Mohan’ji Bhagwat.

The other significant line of guidance he uttered was that we needed to stay away from political instigations about different incidents within the country. Every section of the society needs to avoid fear & anger towards each other. During this pandemic time, we need to be fearless, calm & prudent as fear won’t help us. We also need to avoid anger even if some people tries to provide negative stimulants. Regarding Palghar Lynching incident, Mohan’ji Bhagwat clarified that the police must do their job. It is wrong for anyone to take law into one’s own hands.

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