Adivasi in Durgapur assaulted for submitting deputation

The adivasis of Kachra Gopalpur in Durgapur, West Bengal, were assaulted when they went to submit a deputation to Gopalpur panchayat for maintenance of the roads in Karamdanga area.
About 10 adivasis were injured in the fight that ensued with the panchayat officials. Later the police arrived and tried to bring the situation under control but this led to heightened tension as the adivasis decided to agitate until the culprits at the panchayat office were brought to justice.
When the adivasis went to submit their deputation for maintenance of roads the panchayat officials refused to accept it and the verbal alterations soon turned into physical assault on the adivasis injuring at least 10 adivasis by use of sticks and stones. The panchayat pradhan and two other officials were also injured in the fight.

Atrocities on adivasis are frequent in the paschim Bardhaman in West Bengal, including Malandhigi, Kachsa, Pandubeswar, Raoda, Andal, Jamuria, Salanpur, Asansol, etc. It is alleged, the panchayat pradhan, Sri Subrata babu along with Trinamool Congress henchmen had assaulted the adivasis so seriously that many of them had to be hospitalized. The adivasi agitators from surrounding areas armed with bows and spears arrived and vowed to continue their agitation at the gates of the panchayat office unless the panchayat officials was brought to justice for the inhuman attack on them for exercising their constitutional right to submit a deputation for road maintenance. The armed police and combat forces are yet to control the situation as the adivasis allege apart from refusing to accept the deputation, they were beaten up by the panchayat officials and there is no relenting unless justice is brought down on the culprits including the panchayat pradhan.

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