Does CAB Bill affect Indians (Hindus, Muslims, anyone)?

Ans: No. It has nothing to do with Indians in any way.

Whom does it apply to?

Ans: Only to hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists & Christians from 3 countries, “who are facing religious persecution” in those countries AND who are already in India before 1st Dec 2014.

Which 3 countries?

Ans: Their residency requirement has been reduced from 11 to 5 years. And they can claim citizenship as a right under this lw.

Does this mean that Muslims from these 3 countries can “never” get Indian citizenship?

Ans: No. But they will go thro’ the usual process of acquiring citizenship thro’ naturalization rules….. 11 years of residence etc.

Will illegal muslims immigrants from these 3 countries be automatically deported under this bill?

Ans: No. The usual process applies.

Can Hindus facing persecution in other countries apply under this law?

Ans: No

Does this bill apply to other forms of persecution – Political, racial, sexual etc?

Ans: No. The bill is very specific in its intend – Hindus/Sikhs/Bodhdhs/Jains/Christians….. religious persecution….. 3 countries.

Why only these 3 countries ? And why only religious persecution of Hindus?

Ans: These 3 countries have a track record of perversive, systematic & institutionalized persecution of Hindus/Sikhs/Jains/Bodhdhs.

What about Sri Lankan tamils?

Ans: (1) The war has been over for the a decade now. (2) There never was any persecution on religious lines. It was on racial lines. And over the decades of civil war the Sri Lankans have put an end to institutionalized discrimination of tamils.

Doesn’t India have an obligation under the UN to take care of refugees?

Ans: Yes it does. And it is not shying away from it. But it has “no obligation to offer citizenship”. each country has its own rules for naturalization. iNdia is not going to turn away other refugees under this law. It will play host to them under Un rules, in the implicit expectation that some day they will return to their homelands when the conditions improve. But in case of Hindus from these 3 countries, this law acknowledges the reality that the environment of persecution in these 3 countries is never going to improve.

Why shouldn’t Baluchis, Ahmediyas in Pakistan, Rohingayas in Myanmar not be considered for this kindness?

Ans: They will be considered under the existing laws. Not under the special category.


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