Associated Journal Scam

The Central Income Tax department recently has rejected the plea of the Gandhi family to evade its outstanding 4.5 crore rupees tax due. Yes you have read it correct!
The entire matter perfectly synchronizes with the seasoned tax defaulters modus operandi and thus all the more raises suspicion. Showing indifference will no longer help as the money belongs to the proletariat who put in their blood and sweat for the country’s prosperity and hence it becomes our responsibility as socially responsible citizens to safeguard and retrieve it if need be. A publishing house named Associated Journal used to print the National Herald the mouthpiece of congress party. It happens to be defunct now. Congress being their patron on one occasion had loaned them 90 crore rupees. Even though the organization had ran out of print but nevertheless had managed to hold on to a prized asset , a multi storied building in a posh locality of Delhi. The present day evaluation of the property would be nothing less than 400 crores. The Gandhi family was eyeing the property all along. It is common knowledge now that be it the Associated Journal or the Congress Party every move or act is dictated by the dynasts (parivar),who have the last say.
The investigation of the Income Tax department of Government of India has revealed some spine chilling facts. Its unbelievable how through a very innovative and scrupulous means the Congress party brought Young India to the field. The chairman of Young India coincidentally happens to be none other than Rahul Gandhi. Young India through congress party paid Associated Journal 50 lakh as repayment of loan taken earlier. The different Avatars of the same person (family) operational under the guise of different organizations. Immediately after the repayment of 50 lakh the party announced that it has decided to forgo claims to all money loaned to Associated Journal i.e. it chose to forfeit its claim of 90 crores for just a pittance of 50 lakh. Slowly but steadily the real intentions behind such a magnanimity was unveiling, The game was On!. The year was 2010-11 and the party was doing fairly well in terms of holding on to the reigns of power. The gesture of goodwill shown by Congress party towards Associated Journal was repaid by transferring all the shares of Associated Journal to Young India. Although one at this point might feel lost in the labyrinths of power games but must make an effort to progress towards deciphering the mysteries.
The organizational heads of Young India are members of Gandhi family just to recollect. Now the question arises why did Young India jump to the rescue of Associated Journal all of a sudden? But its no surprise as to why they did so; they had easily managed to procure not only the shares but also the 400 crores worth property by virtue of paying a nominal price under the name of Young India, mind it whose institutional head is the scion of the Gandhi family. The huge amount trickling in, in the form of rent started filling the coffers of the Family.
Young India in its charter had proclaimed itself to be a Non Profitable Organization. This declaration of its original benevolent purpose created a loophole through which the tax evasion could be smoothly carried out. The only person keeping a surveillance on the movements of the fraudsters was Dr. Subramanian Swami. He highlighted the matter to the Income Tax department. The real intentions behind the rescue of Associated Journal came to the forefront. The Congress party had very conveniently managed to keep its Golden Goose and its eggs under wraps but could no longer fool the tax department. The IT served them a notice for non-payment of tax of 145 crores since financial year of 2011-12.
In self defence the shahzade sited that philanthropic NGO’S were exempted from tax payments. In the midst of the entire fiasco the wind of change started blowing hard and a fair possibility of power shuffle became imminent. The sahajade had challenged the order in Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. This lead to a chain reaction. Inspite of conducting a thorough investigation no documents could be obtained to prove that Young India was a charitable institution and had made donations for public welfare. The only fact which came to light was that an unknown organization in Kolkata had donated one crore rupees to Young India, from which 50 lakh was given to Associated Journal and in return a 400 crore rupees worth building was deviously usurped.
For years the rent was collected from the property. But during the same period no spending for public benefits were to be found. The investigation of the Commission of IT exemption also lead to the discovery of the fraud and thereby cancelation of the registration of Young India as an NGO from the year 2011-12 . This in turn resulted in an automatic rejection of the appeal of Congress party to the Appellate Tribunal. Now until the court decides to give the final verdict whom should we call the ‘chor’ (thief)? the Chowkidar or the Sahajade? that is for you to decide. This sensational news did not manage to make its appearance in any of the self proclaimed truth seeking print media who are eager to cry wolf at the slightest pretext. The unabashed silence on such a grave issue truly questions the integrity of our media.

Premanjana Banerjee

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