1) Real motives of political parties behind the instigation of Bengalee egotism is to include illegal Bengali speaking Muslim immigrants within same status of Hindu Bengalee refugees to provide them shelter and indulgence; Compromising with Bharat’s integrity, security & demography; Providing Government facilities, jobs and other benefits ( available to genuine citizens) to these illegal Muslim immigrants to use them as vote bank.

2) All the ruling parties of Bengal are used to blackmail Hindu refugees came after 1971. Because, from ration cards to their children’s admission to schools and all other govt amenities & facilities they have to heavily depend on the ruling party since they have no legal rights as an independent citizen of Bharat in pursuance of Indira-Mujib accord. Actually, these refugees’ (post 1971) are stateless people. Consequently, they have to abide by the dictate of the ruling party. Once they get permanent citizenship they wouldn’t be compelled to cater to the ruling party’s vested interest. So, its vote bank will be eroded. Obviously, the ruling party doesn’t want to lose such a partition- gifted opportunity at any cost to remain in power for a prolong period.

3) Once the Hindu refugees get citizenship, it will be much easier to segregate and identify Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants. Because in pursuance of C A A all the Hindus came from Bangladesh( post 1971) will not be treated as illegal infiltrators. Once the Muslim infiltrators are identified they will be excluded from the voter list; I card, AADHAAR card will be cancelled; and automatically they will be no more entitled to any government facilities. Consequently, in such a situation they will flee to Bangladesh in the same way as they have entered into this country ( already the process has begun). It would cause gradual erosion of the permanent vote bank of the ruling party which is the deciding factor for any so called secular party’s win in near about 80 assembly sits in West Bengal as per current demographic scenario.

So C A A will cut the vote bank of the ruling party in two ways.
That’s why they are promoting do or die situation against the implementation of C A A.

4) The pseudo secular intellectuals opposing CAA are neither Bhartiya nor HINDU nor Bengalee. They are in the true sense professionals. Their entire creative work is Bengali language centric. Since the total number of Bengali speaking Muslim readers, listeners, viewers of their literatures, dramas, films etc are much more than the number of Bengalee Hindu readers….. in East and West Bengal taking together, these fellows always try to satisfy the Bengali speaking Muslims of both the Bengal through their writings and opinions so that the number of such readers….etc are increased and they are personally benefited in terms of money, recognition, awards etc.


Some relevants questions to them who are opposing C A A :-

  1. Why East Bengal’s state religion is Muslim? Bangladesh achieved its freedom at the cost of Bhartiya’s blood and money. Why are the Bengalee Hindus second class citizens there? In our country, prize distribution,convocation or felicitation ceremonies frequently boycotted by students, intellectuals or celebrities on the exaggerated and fake ground that tolerance and Plurality is at a stake. Has any Bengalee writer, filmmaker, actor or so called intellectuals boycotted Bangladesh due to this communal discrimination there for a single occasion?
    2) If Bengali egotism is much more superior than HINDU egotism, then why crores and crores of Hindu people could not stay in East Pakistan or present Bangladesh on the basis of Bengalee egotism? Why Hindu population there has been reduced from 22 percent to 8.5 percent?
  2. Why the “Enemy Property act” was still prevalent in East Bengal till the year 1974? Why “Vested Property Act’ having a different name but the same content, spirit and purpose of the “Enemy Property Act” was in force from 1974 to 2001? In fact, whether BNP or Awami League is in power, most of the Bengali-speaking Muslims of East Bengal have accepted this anti Bengalee Hindu act.
  3. According to the deeply flawed “Restoration of vested Property Act” implemented in 2001, why has it been committed to return back the ‘enemy property’ declared only before 1969? Does it mean that no Hindu property has been encroached or forcefully occupied in Bangladesh after 1969? The fact is entirely different.

4) in fact 2.5 millions acres of land amounting to 45% of all land owned by Hindus was seized and almost 1 crores of Hindus were affected. 74% of this total land loss was occurred between 1965 to 1971.

Not only that, since the V P A has been abolished in 2001, nearly 2 lakhs Hindu families have been deprived of approximately 1,22,000 bighas of land. Since 2002, successive governments failed to initiate the publication of detailed vested property lists rendering the Restoration Act meaningless. ln addition, enactment of Restoration Act has done nothing to amend the past injustice commited to the Hindu community, which continues to suffer due to ongoing land encroachment by government officials and Bangladeshi Muslims from across the political spectrum.

5) Again, Why does the Act contain such stringent and almost absurd conditions that it isn’t possible for a Hindu to get back his/her property?

6) According to that show-piece act, how many Hindu refugees came from East Bengal have got back their property? Now the opposition of C A A are raising such question that , how the Muslims of this country will get citizenship if the documents have been already lost or destroyed due to
fire, flood etc. Have they raised such question till now that how could those Hindu refugees, who came overnight from East Bengal with fear of death, whose houses were burnt into ashes or vandalized, get necessary documents to satisfy those stringent conditions? Has there been any discussion on this in West Bengal ?

7) Today, U N surveillance is being talked about for the implementation of C A A.
Now, the series of RELEVANT QUESTIONS in the above context follows :-
A) Have the residents of West Bengal noticed any road show, meeting, debate against the declaration of Islam as the state religion of Bangladesh ?
B) Has the opposition submitted any memorandum to the Bangladesh high commission demanding :-

I) that Bangladesh should be declared as secular state like Bharat in order to provide proper dignity, safety to the Hindus there and to ensure regional peace and harmony ?

II) In favour of demanding immediate return of the ‘ enemy property’ under the surveillance of U N or
III)simplification of those stringent conditions for getting back ‘enemy property’ ?

Subrata Bhowmick

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