The ratrace of Nandigram: Will Mamata’s lure to Hindutva be a success or a crippling axe in her own governance?

The fiery Battleground of West Bengal Assembly polls is oozing the political temperature, as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her former henchman Suvendu Adhikari is contesting eyeball to eyeball. The ‘Nandigram Factor’ back in 2011 had led to a revolution in Mamata Banerjee’s political extravaganza. As a result, revolving the voice from an opposition leader to the ruling was a success. However, at present, the outlook of Nandigram is different. The ruling government is Trinamool and the opposition voice is the saffron brigade. Whereas, the reason to fight is to prevent the BJP from overpowering, rather delivering public welfare issues.

The ten years of incumbency in administrative rule has forced the ‘Queen of Opposition’ to step into her old shoes from where it all began. Quoting Nandigram as her Emotional and Lucky quotient for all these years, Mamata Banerjee is all set to fight against Suvendu Adhikari, even if it takes ‘Hindutva’ to lure the disgruntled voters.

Highlighting the 70:30 ratio allegedly set by the BJP, Mamata Banerjee while attending a rally in Nandigram dared the saffron party of not playing decisive communal tricks as she is a ‘Hindu Girl’ and chants prayer everyday before stepping outside from her house. Mamata Banerjee was even seen reminiscing her struggling days of ‘Anti-Land Acquisition Movement to the crowd. But, are all these worth of an election campaign? Recollecting incidents that happened 14 years ago isn’t going to provide uninterrupted water and electric supply, better roadways and networks of economic growth in the state.

The confidence that Mamata Banerjee had ten years ago among the crowds of Bengal, especially in the rural belt, is currently sabotaged by the saffron party. Despite illustrating the BJP as a ‘Outsider’ party, Mamata is incapable of curbing the rising power of the Saffron brigade. Galvanising hatred against the centre and preventing the public welfare schemes amongst the downtrodden has rebounded the TMC supremo under serious allegations.

The first phase of Assembly Election is starting from March 27, in five districts including East Midnapore’s Nandigram. The face-off betwixt Mamata Banerjee and Suvendu Adhikari is certainly a game changer. The emerging result of people’s mandate will either topple Mamata’s political career or send a strong message of disagreement for the BJP.

Rituparna Dutta

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