Dicing ‘Khela sesh vikas arambh’, Modi shoutouts for a double-engine sarkar in Bengal

Amidst the election battleground in Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to Bhangra district of Purulia stirred questions at Mamata Banerjee citing to keep West Bengal underdeveloped and neglected. Prime Minister mentioned that the people of Purulia is facing immense hurdle in acquiring water for drinking and irrigation. Exemplifying water scarcity as a grave problem, Prime Minister noted that the Purulia water project has still not been completed and is under construction for the last eight years.

Focusing on the double-engine sarkar, Modi empathised on bringing ease of living and developmental growth on the land of Purulia. Tourism scope in Purulia will be enhanced along with additional schemes to restore Chauu artists and the cultural tradition. Water pipeline will be expanded in order to bring safe drinking water and irrigation facilities to both the farmers and residents. Diverse rail connectivity will be boosted to infuse economic expansion. As a part of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor, Purulia will also be linked with east corridor and advance road infrastructure will be boosted in the region.

Hitting at Mamata Banerjee in Bengali , Modi underlined the TMC Supremo for raising false claims on developmental work, whereas the reality reflects a different picture. “For years, Didi didn’t even managed to built a concrete bridge. And now she is talking about developmental work!”, said Prime Minister from the rally. Modi in a non-stop attack to Mamata Banerjee accused her for playing with the emotions of people and harnessing syndicate and cut money culture over the years. Voicing loud in Bengali, Modi quoted, “A lot of torture has been carried out didi, now it’s the people of Bengal who will uproot you from power once and for all.

Furthermore taking a jibe at TMC’s Khela Hobe slogan, Modi retaliated ushering, “Didi Bole Khela hobe, BJP bole Unnoyon hobe; Didi Bole Khela hobe, BJP bole Hospital, Sikkha, School, Vikas hobe”. Donning the TMC Supremo, Narendra Modi alleged Mamata Banerjee for practising appeasement politics that has led to the downfall of Bengal. And once the BJP comes to power, it will dedicate the next five years for uplifting the interest of Bengal.

Rituparna Dutta

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